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Let us decarbonize construction today – solutions are readily available

The “Decarbonizing construction processes” project is entering its culminating phase – soon its effects will be presented at national construction fairs in Łódź (InterDOM) and Lublin (LUBDOM). Moreover, the planned fire tests of natural materials, as well as work on reports and other documents created as part of the project are being completed. All this so that the use of natural construction materials and technologies becomes much more widespread than it is now.

“Decarbonizing construction processes” devotes a lot of attention to educational and information activities – because common knowledge about the impact of the construction industry on climate change is very limited. As a result, there is also a lack of motivation to use solutions that reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Meanwhile, a further increase in the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere will bring catastrophic droughts, water shortages and at the same time the threat of torrential rains and flash floods. Therefore, the operating model of the construction industry must change as soon as possible, especially since appropriate solutions already exist today. They can be used straight away, oftentimes as direct replacements of conventional  materials – as is the case with e. g. insulation.

On March 7th, representatives of the National Institute of Environmental Protection – National Research Institute (project leader) and the Polish Natural Construction Association (partner) discussed these issues, the tasks of the project and their results.
These included:

• the “Investor’s Guide”, i.e. a publicly available, free document addressed to everyone interested in using natural building materials and recycled materials;

• the road map for the implementation of basic accepted practices for the construction of partitions and thermal modernization using natural materials;

• the recommendations regarding support for the development of the natural construction market, including recommendations for Urban Adaptation Plans in the field of thermal modernization and housing construction;

• the Additional Professional Skills program in the field of natural construction.

On March 15-17th, the project will be presented at the InterDOM construction fair in Łódź – guests will have an opportunity to see an exhibition presenting natural building materials, as well as try them out and talk to experts at free workshops. On April 13-14th, the project will be present in Lublin at the LUBDOM fair.

The project entitled “Decarbonizing construction processes – introducing zero-carbon natural building materials, including timber, to circular economy in the construction sector” is implemented by IOŚ-PIB (The Institute of Environmental Protection – National Research Institute) and OSBN (Polish Natural Building Association). It is financed with a sum of 744 951 euro by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway as part of the EEA grants. The aim of the project is to enable the development of the natural and timber building sector and the implementation of the principles of circular economy in the Polish construction sector. Working together for a green, competitive and inclusive Europe.