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Good example: public buildings

When you go to a public water park, take a look at… the ceiling. If the facility is relatively new, you will most likely see a structure made of glued timber. Due to their unique properties, natural materials are more and more often used in public buildings.

In Poland, the use of prefabricated glued timber has been growing since the 1990s – such roof structures are used, e.g. when building water parks. Their advantages include resistance to moisture and speed of installation – which is often very important for local governments.

(Aqua-Tur city waterpark in Szczecinek/City of Szczecinek)

One of the largest facilities using prefabricated timber frame technology in Central and Eastern Europe was built in Poland. The Jabłoniowa Educational Center school complex includes: a modern modular school for 800 students, a modern modular kindergarten consisting of eight classrooms for 200 children and a gymnasium. The energy-efficient facility covers nearly 10 000 square meters (including only the educational part built with prefabricated technology). In addition to classrooms, this section includes, among others: libraries, a canteen, cloakrooms, teachers’ rooms, offices for school nurses and a common room. Only the gymnasium was constructed using conventional technology.

(illustration photos of the Jabłoniowa Educational Center: Directorate for the Development of the City of Gdańsk – on the article list, Ecologiq press materials – in the article)